The Wai Koa ll is the ultimate All Round SUP! At 10’6” it is made to carry anyone in the family and its all round shape gives it versatility to use it where ever you want. From catching waves, yoga, fishing, to cruising on lakes and rivers, this SUP can do it all! The SUP is beautifully designed as its modern bamboo vinyl fades into a tropic teal finish that is made to turn heads. Bungies at the front and back of SUP mean you will always have enough storage to bring all the equipment you need on your next adventure.


At 32” wide and the ultimate grip deck, riders can be rest assured they will have the most comfortable and stabile ride that will keep them using it all year long. If you are after a SUP to do everything the Wai Koa ll is the perfect SUP for you


Size    Width     Thickness    Volume

10'6"       32"          4.4"          215L


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