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When you don't need a full longboard but want something a little more stable than a short-board, a mini-long is the ideal solution! 
Given the thumbs up by our veteran test surfer Phil Wallis, this Mini-Long is stable and light, giving you great control and buoyancy. It's awesome to surf on for both beginners and experts and is an absolute top performer! Shorter than our Long Board but longer than our Mini Mal this board is made from PU construction for strength and reliability. Because it's hand-painted, the slight variations in the design are your mark of authenticity. Every one of our boards is as unique and individual as its rider!  
All this quality sounds expensive, right? But it’s the power of group buying that allows us to offer you these sick boards from one of the world’s top factories at this unbelievable price. It’s a no-brainer - fins included too!
Oh, and we've UPGRADED to a tri-fin, FCS II 2+1 fin system that has been used by countless World Championship Tour competitors. The units incorporate a rod and barrel mechanism to be effortlessly attached or removed in seconds - no fiddly screws, no plates, no tools, no worries!  The system is installed before the board is laminated and is intended to connect the surfer, surfboard and the fins. 
FCS II gives you the ability to reposition the fin either further forwards or backwards to either shorten or lengthen your turning arc; all of which can be done mid-surf. Now you can fine tune and customise your board's performance to suit your needs and the conditions while you're actually out on the water. More speed, drive, acceleration and responsiveness. Primo!
Rider Maximum Weight Guide:
Beginner 86.4kg
Intermediate 88.6kg
Experienced 88.6kg
SpecificationsLength: 8'2"Width: 22"Thick: 2 3/4"Volume: 53.7 ltrBoard weight: 6.08 kgGloss finishMaterial: PU construction w/ StringerShape: Pin / RoundTail: Round PinFin: FCS II 2 + 1 with 9" Plastic mould single fin

8'2" Mini-Long Surfboard FCS II

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