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Immerse yourself in the world underwater with the Torpedo Adult Snorkelling Set. Featuring a tempered glass twin lens mask, and efficient flexible blade fin with comfortable orthopaedic foot pocket; The Torpedo Snorkelling Set has everything you need to enjoy the spectacles of the sea this summer, all in a compact package ideal for travel.

Mask & Snorkel:

  • Tempered Glass Twin Lens
  • PC Frame
  • Easily adjustable side buckle
  • Mask Width: 16cm
  • Mask Length: 8cm
  • Snorkel Length: 41cm
  • Splash guard and purge valve for easy breathing



  • Comfortable Orthopaedic Foot pocket
  • Full foot security with open heel design
  • Efficient Flexible Blade
  • Short Blade Fin Provides Excellent Thrust
  • Size: L 10-13


What’s in the Bag:

  • Torpedo Flippers
  • Torpedo Snorkel and Mask

Torpedo Adults Snorkeling Set

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