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Aegis 10W/30 Motor Oil


Aegis 10w/30 Motor Oil is a high technology multi grade oil designed to meet the API requirements for a car and light truck motor oil.  The oil is blended using the latest in additive technology and carefully selected thermally stable paraffinic base stocks, which together give unparalleled protection to your engine.  This oil provides the highest levels of lubrication and protection over the widest range of operating temperatures and conditions.



Meets and exceeds API Classification SM, SL, SJ/CF



  • Meets above requirements for engine wear and deposit control.
  • Extra protection for stop and go traffic conditions.
  • Protection against viscosity and thermal breakdown.
  • Maintains viscosity over a range of temperatures and provides stay in grade performance through the recommended drive train.
  • The highest protection in both hot and cold sections of the engine, even in severe stop and go service.
  • Has excellent cold start and engine warm up properties.
  • Provides the highest protection against foam, rust, corrosion and oxidation.

Aegis 10w/30 Motor Oil - Multigrade

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