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Featuring a large inflatable fast set pool for you and your family to enjoy in the outdoors in the warmer season. Bestway is a brand you can trust and this Bestway fast set pool model is also easy to maintain and once finished for the season, the water can be drained away via the built-in valve. With this pool, you don't need to get cramped in (or pay entrance fees) like you have to, at public swimming pools, nor worry about the water quality. Pick one up today and enjoy the pool in the privacy of your own home.



  • Water Capacity (80%)3,800L(1004gal.)
  • Approx Dia 3.05m x H 76cm
  • Easy set up
  • Heavy-duty PVC and polyester 3-ply side walls
  • Liner is supported by an inflatable top ring
  • Built-in flow control drain valve makes it easy to drain by attaching the valve to a garden hose (with included adapter)
  • Select a level surface, inflate top ring and the pool will rise as it’s filled with water
  • Underwater adhesive repair patch

BestWay Pool - Round 10ft

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