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Looking for something strong and durable? Your clothes storage problem finally has a solution! Our heavy duty cloth racks are ideal for home and retail use.



* Brand New
* These Slimline X wing aired are in working condition.
* These Slimline X wing airer can be used in multiple potions for optimum drying.
* Ideal where space is limited. The aired can be folded closed when not in use for easy storage.
* The perfect solution for drying your laundry whatever the weather.
* These aired are great for indoor drying.



* Two full loads of laundry in minimal space.
* Foldable for easy storage.
* Material: Stainless Steel
* Suit indoor and outdoor.
* Dimension: Width:58cm, Height:90cm, Length:124cm.
* Color: BLUE

Package Include:

* 1 x Cloth Airer Drying Rack


SKU: CD-1908
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