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100% cotton top
600% polyester fill
Polyester knit skirt with elastic


Our Cluster Puff mattress topper is so soft you'll think you are sleeping on a fluffy pillow. The lofty cushioning elevates the comfort of any mattress, especially those that are a little sad and in need of some TLC. Thousands of tiny hypoallergenic fibre clusters shape and conform to your body to aide a restful night's sleep.

A deep side gusset grips your mattress for a secure fit (up to 45cm).



Fabric Top - 100% Cotton 40x40/133x100

Reverse 100% Polyester 75Dx150D/140x76

Skirt - 100% Polyester, 100gsm

Filling - 600gsm Polyester Fibre Ball

Box Quilting with frame, 2.5cm gusset with 8 sides piping

45cm skirt with elastic


Cluster Puff Mattress Topper

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