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The DeLonghi La Specialista is a handsome semi-automatic espresso machine with a classic, stainless steel look that also sports all of the tools needed to make coffee, espresso, and more.


The La Specialista is, in a way, a barista all on its own. It has a grinder that can be adjusted for both fineness and dosage, a tamping station, and a dial that can switch between brewing coffee, an americano, or espresso. The button interface is easy to understand, with a x2 button for making a double shot or pouring into two cups, a “my” button to customize the length of your drink, which the La Specialista will save for later, and an “Ok” button to begin making your coffee.

When you place your portafilter into the tamping station, grinds will automatically go into your portafilter. Pulling down the lever on the side of the La Specialista will tamp the coffee with the right pressure, and then you can move your portafilter over to the brew group. After making your drink, you can easily heat up milk for a latte or cappuccino with the steam wand.


The La Specialista has two heating elements, meaning there is no wait time when switching from brewing to steaming. A slider on the steam wand allows you to choose between Flat or Foam for lattes and Flat Whites, or a cappuccino for the latter. DeLonghi has put great tools into the La Specialista to make it an easy way for you to make your morning coffees, espressos, or milk-based drinks quickly.


Why You Should Get It

The La Specialista is a robust, all-in-one espresso machine with a built in coffee grinder, tamping station, and automatic milk frother. If you want authentic espresso, coffee, cappuccinos, and lattes without having to find all the things you need on your own, this machine has you covered.

DeLonghi La Specialista Espresso Machine - Red

SKU: EC9335R
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