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The lightweight hose that lasts a lifetime! Automatically expanding and contracting, this metallic hose expands up to 60% its length (up to 7.5m) and never kinks or tangles, ensuring a durable, easy hosing. Its Spiro Shield outer shell is UV, water and puncture resistant, whilst boasting a lightweight construction for effortless handling.


Tough weather-resistant steel
Expandable rubber hose on the inside
Spiro shield outer shell
Expandable linked construction
Automatically expands & contracts
Can withhold high water pressure without bursting
Spiro shield technology construction
Connects with all standard taps
UV & corrosion resistant – cool to touch
Never kinks or tangles
No more leaking rubber hoses
Sturdy & durable design that coils perfectly
Puncture proof, dog chew-proof, tear-proof, weatherproof, thornproof, rust-free & kink resistant ALL IN ONE!

Expandable Metallic 7.5m Power Hose

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