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An ingenious solution to keeping your garden well hydrated without having long length of hose lying around, tripping you up and cramping your style. The slinky design means no more kinks, knots or tangles, it even follows you back neatly when it’s done. Its 25 metre length means it can certainly go the distance, and the attached spray gun comes with four different functions (Sharp Stream, Gentle Shower, Flat spray and Full Action) providing you with the perfect jet to get your garden wet.


  • This super sprayer shouldn’t be confined to just the garden….
  • Needing to give your RV or boat a hose? 
  • No problem, it’ll do that and patios! 
  • Dirt from Campers and Decks it easily blows,
  • Grab a spray-mazing deal today and forget your tangle woes.


The Super hose has a connection which is compliant with any regular outdoor tap and is solidly built using brass fittings and an Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate body, so has low temperature toughness, stress and crack resistant and is resilient to UV rays.


A very versatile bit of kit for an awesome price, don’t let this deal slip through your green fingers.


  • 25 metre recoil hose
  • Brass Fittings
  • UV Protected
  • Tough, resilient EVA body
  • Slinky design means it stays tangle, kink and knot free
  • Spray gun has 4 different functions: Sharp Stream, Gentle Shower, Flat Spray and Full Action
  • Hose Circumference: 4cm

Garden Hose 25 Metre Recoil

SKU: aa9abn2ch
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