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Get strength and durability like Barbra Streisand’s nose with this Steel Garden Hose.
Of course, it’s not only about strength. It’s also about flexibility. A kink-free steel exterior offers enough give to angle it, without tangle, around all corners of the garden, pool, or patio. Its durable PVC interior means the rips and tears that ordinary hose material is inclined to, becomes a thing of the past.
Despite its fortitude and ability to hold heavy duty water pressure, this hose is lightweight and easy to carry. And it stands up to harsh weather & UV rays, meaning it’s prepared to serve for the long run.
Every hose comes with a 7-way spray nozzle, so you can leap straight away into your housework.
No more tears, no more tears, no more tears, with this mighty 1-day deal.

  • Ultimate durability - Ultimate flexibility!
  • Lightweight – Easy to carry!
  • 7 pattern sprayer
  • Stands up to the harshest weather & UV rays
  • Kink-Free. No rips. No tears. No tangles.
  • Holds heavy duty water pressure
  • The most durable hose you will ever own!


  • Length: 15m
  • Flexible steel exterior
  • Durable PVC interior
  • Comes with black hose fittings and 7 function sprayer

GreenZone 15M Garden Hose Flexible Steel & PVC

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