NZ Standard Approved Life Jacket.


It’s quality construction and quality components that separates Menace from their competitors! Every Menace jacket is built with care and with the thought that it may just be required to save your life! 

Top quality zips from YKK are fitted. They are the best available.

Extra-large buckles are used and they are moulded from heavy plastic for long life.


Comes with a whistle. 


Life Jacket Size Guide: 


chest size 80 cm max, body weight 10-25 kg, buoyancy rating 22 N, buoyancy type: foam. 


chest size 93 cm max, body weight 25-40 kg, buoyancy rating 35 N, buoyancy type: foam.


Adult Small
chest size 110 cm max, body weight 40-60 kg, buoyancy rating 45 N, buoyancy type: foam.


Adult Medium
chest size 135 cm max, body weight 60-70 kg, buoyancy rating 53 N, buoyancy: type foam.


Adult Large
chest size 140 cm max, body weight 70+ kg, buoyancy rating 60 N, buoyancy: type foam.




Menace Hercules Sports Life Jacket

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