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A set of Brand New High Quality Professional Chips & Poker Game Set, including 500 Poker Chips, Dealer Button, Playing Cards, Dices and an Aluminum Case. Perfect for traditional players with its classy and elegant design.

You would feel like you're at the casino with these luxurious chips! Play with your friends or family! 


* Ready to play 

* Five different colors chips 

* Suitable For Texas Hold'em, Blackjack, Roulette 

* Durable, lined Aluminum storage case with locks&keys for ultimate chip protection 


* Condition: Brand new

* Case Color: Silver 

* Material of the chips: ABS

* Case Size: Approx. 55 x 20 x 6cm


100 x Black Chips 
100 x Red Chips 
100 x Blue Chips 
100 x Green Chips 
100 x White Chips 
1 x Dealer Button 
1 x Big Blind Button 
1 x Small Blind Button 
5 x Dices 
2 x Deck of Cards 
2 x Keys 
1 x Aluminum Case 

Poker Chips Set with 2 Playing Card Decks 500pcs

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