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With the warmer weather fast approaching everyone should have a Bestway Pool. Large in-ground pools can be expensive and can be quite daunting for a parent introducing their child to water. 

This Power Steel Framed Pool is the perfect solution to keep your whole family cool this summer. With a large capacity of 30,045 litres and a rust resistant frame and Tri-Tech 3-Ply Reinforced side walls that have been tested to withstand extreme conditions, this pool is sure to last for many summers to come.

Includes :
Pool - 7.32m x 3.66m x 1.32m (24ft x 12ft x 52")
Pool Cover with Drain Holes to prevent water from Accumulation (Cover is secured to the Pool by Rope)

132cm Ladder with Rust-Resistant Metal Frame and Sturdy, Heavy-Duty Plactic Steps

Flow clear Filter pump
- Pump Flow Rate = 9463 L/Hr
- System Flow Rate = 7192 L/Hr

Water capacity 30,045L at 90% full

We also sell extra add-ons that are compatible with this pool such as:
Solar Pool Cover
Filter Cartridge (IV)
Pool Drain Pump
Pool Thermometer

Pool Set - 7.32 x 3.66 x 1.32

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