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The crowd rings in your ears, sweat dripping down your forehead, world championship on the line - but you don't notice any of that, you’re back where it all started, modest beginnings in your humble garage, ale in hand, throwing at your Puma Pro Alloy Dartboard.
This set features a slick aluminium cabinet, which opens up to reveal two whiteboard scoreboards, dart holders, a bristle dartboard, and 6 darts. Its heavy duty durability with industrial style is bound to suit any garage, shed or rumpus room.
This could be the start of a beautiful journey, a Hollywood-esque sports movie where you, little Billy, rise through the ranks, transcending your unathletic physique, to become world champion in a sport where any body types can conquer.
Stop – Don’t turn away from this deal. Do a ONE HUNDRED AND EEEEIIIIIGHHTYYYY and throw a bullseye with 1-day.

  • Pro Alloy Dartboard Cabinet
  • Heavy duty durability
  • Industrial style
  • Suits any garage, shed or rumpus room
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 48x47x10cm
  • Material: Pro Alloy – Aluminium
  • Dartboard material: Sisal
  • Bristle Dartboard
  • Whiteboard Scoreboards
  • Dart Holder
  • 6 Darts

Note: This Dartboard is made from Sisal, which is a natural fibre. It is best suited for use in a dry environment with regular rotation for even wear & tear and longevity.

Puma Dartboard Pro Alloy Cabinet Set

VT23,990 Regular Price
VT18,500Sale Price
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