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Just 96cms when compacted, 3.8 meters when fully extended... how cool is our collapsible ladder?!!! Perfect for the back of the truck, small sheds and garages and ideal for easy transportation. This thing is INGENIOUS!!!

Let's be honest, who actually has the storage space for a 3.8 meter ladder let alone the ability to cart one around town? Now anyone can! 

Our collapsible, telescopic 3.8m ladder is ridiculously practical allowing you to easily extend your ladder virtually anywhere. The 13 steps expand independently so you can select a range of heights for your ladder depending on the task at hand. Made from super durable anodised aluminium the ladder has a maximum weight limit of 150kgs.

When you're done with the job a unique 'slow closing' air mechanism ensures each step compresses slowly and gently so as not to cause any harm.

With endless applications for tradies and self proclaimed DIYers alike, this is a must have tool for anyone looking to reach new heights around home or the workplace!



  • Sturdy Anodised Aluminium frame, 1.5mm thickness
  • Durable strengthed plastic for non slip edges
  • Non slip feet - 13 steps 
  • Each step 30cm apart
  • Unique 'slow closing' air-brake design developed to ensure the rungs close slowly for added safety
  • Extends from height 96cm at its lowest to 380cm at its highest
  • Max. weight limit- 150kg
  • Approved for NZ standards - AS/NZS 1892.1-1996 
  • Dimensions - 47.5cm wide  x  96cm to 380cm H (compressed to extended) 
  • Net weight - 13kg

Telescopic Ladder 3.8m

VT29,000 Regular Price
VT27,000Sale Price
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