Our covers offer you a highly durable, comfortable and easy to remove waterproof car seat cover. They're made of waterproof neoprene to prevent any unwanted substances soaking into your seats. The covers have a uniquely designed hood, which easily slips over your headrest and when not being used, can easily be rolled up and stored on the back seat or boot. Depending on your needs, we have 2 types of neoprene skin finishes to choose from.


Refer to photos to view finish.


OPTION 1 - The 3mm thick Smoothskin finish is our standard cover that gives a completely smooth matte finish.

OPTION 2 - The next step up is our 3.5mm thick Sharkskin finish which is a more durable and higher quality neoprene.


PERFECT FOR: Cyclists / Mountain Bikers Runners Gym goers Watersports (surf, paddleboard, fish, kayak) Crossfit Yoga Basically anyone who could get sweaty, dirty or wet!

Waterproof Neoprene Car Seat Cover