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ur roller gun custom made to suit New Zealand conditions. Assembled in our work shop with any length and various options available.


-MVD Roller Muzzle
-WETTIE Alloy Railed tube NZ MADE
-WETTIE Viper Handle (short balanced trigger release)
-Harden sprung steel shaft
-Wettie 16mm rubber (or thickness of choice) 300 % loaded.


This rollergun is put together with the highest quality componentry to allow for a strong reliable weapon.


Idea Behind the roller:Roller heads are not a new concept they have just been refined through becoming more compact and improved the ease of use. The rubber on a roller gun runs from an anchor on the handle, to the muzzle, through the roller system and down to the notches on the spear. The purpose of this is you are able to change the tension of the rubbers by simply shortening the line around the trigger guard and intern stretching the rubbers. There is a dyneema bridge between the rubber at the wishbone to stop the rubber going too far backwards through the roller when fired. On a conventional gun the rubber goes slack or stops 36 – 18cm away from the muzzle (depending on length of rubber). Where as on a roller gun the rubber travels all the way to the muzzle as it’s pretensioned before loading. The rubber is therefore pulling the spear for a longer period of time transferring more energy. In theory the longer the rubber carries the spear the further it will travel. Having the rubber pretensioned means the rubber can fire the spear at it’s optimum elasticity and at no point goes slack. As the rubber pulls the shaft on top on the barrel it is running the opposite way on the bottom reducing recoil and stress on the barrel. The roller head can substitute the need for two rubbers while not sacrificing accuracy.



Made in New Zealand: All barrels & muzzles used on Wettie spearguns are manufactured in New Zealand. All other parts used on our spearguns are sourced from New Zealand and off shore companies as raw materials where they are made up, & the speargun is assembled piece by piece on site in the Wettie store. 

Wettie ‘Viper’ Rollergun - 120cm

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