he perfect gift for that methodical mender or organised overhauler.

There’s nothing worse than being powerless to fix that annoying drip, to tighten that wobbly wheel, to replace that dodgy fitting or assemble that awesome new BBQ. Maybe your tools are strewn across the garage, haphazardly hidden in the furthest crevices of your shed, or maybe you’ve lent them to “mates”. People of New Zealand, wipe away your tradey tears, Captain 1-day is here and he’s come tooled up.

The set is small/compact enough to stow away in your shed, under the stairs or boot of the car, but large enough to let any maintenance issues know you mean business. The quality construction means that these tools are here to stay, and their ergonomic, practical design means they’ll be a joy to use. What’s more, this top notch tool set is available today for a tool-tally terrific 1-day price. Pity da fools who don’t buy these tools.

  • Comes complete in an awesome aluminium wheeled case
  • Wrenches, Sockets, Pliers and so much more!
  • Easy Storage & Transport
  • Perfect tool set for the home handyman, or budding mechanic
  • 207 Piece Tool Set

Measurements: 36.5cm W x 50cm H x 20cm D
Handle Length From Ground Fully Extended: 101cm
Tool Set Contains:
8 – Combination wrenches. Size 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17mm. Material: Carbon Steel w/h.t.
1 – 225mm/9” Waterpump pilers. Material: Carbon Steel w/h.t.
1 – 150mm/6” Slip Joint Pilers. Material: Carbon Steel w/h.t.
1 – 150mm/6” Diagonal Nose pilers. Material:  Carbon Steel w/h.t.
1 – 150mm/6” Long Nose Pilers. Material:  Carbon Steel w/h.t.
1 – 150mm/6” Adjustable Wrench. Material:  Carbon Steel w/h.t.
1 – 200mm/8” Crimping Tool. Material:  Carbon Steel w/h.t.
1 – 210mm Multi-Purpose Scissors. Material: Stainless Steel
1 – 18mm Snap-off knife. Material: Metal, Plastic
1 – 8OZ Claw Hammer. Material: Carbon Steel w/h.t.
1 – 225 Torpedo Level. Material: Plastic
2 – 75mm Spring Clamp. Material: Nylon
1 – 3M Tape Measure. Material: Metal, Plastic