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TLC Products for pond, aquarium, fountain, and septic tank treatments contain safe, natural bacteria that digests organic sludge in water systems.

An accumulation of organic debris such as dead plants, leaves, fish waste, human and animal waste settles on the bottom of septic tanks aquariums, ponds and water features.

The more sludge present, the more oxygen is pulled from the water, especially in warmer temperatures. Excess sludge is responsible for fish death from oxygen loss, growth of pathogenic bacteria, blockages in drain systems and release of hydrogen sulfide gas. This build up can create tremendous problems in aquatic systems, especially in septic tanks.

Enzymes produced by beneficial bacteria that we supply attacks sludge, breaking it down into simple compounds. These special bacteria are naturally present in water but have a slow reproduction rate. When concentrated bacteria is added in large numbers it starts to starve algae for nutrients and digests complex sludge.


TLC Products that we import manufactures completely safe, non-toxic live bacteria concentrate. Bacterial strains are maintained as pure seed cultures grown under sterile conditions. All bacterial strains are completely natural, non-GMO, and completely safe for fish, animals, plants and humans.

Using chemicals can make ponds, aquariums or fountains clear but can harm fish, plants or leave a toxic residue. Chemicals algaecides are a poor choice for the environment. Algaecides are the quick way to make water clear, but not the safe way. TLC Products are the safe alternative solution for water treatment.




Septic Medic is an all-natural, non-toxic blend of

beneficial bacteria designed to stop sulfide odours, digest sludge, reduce excess buildup, restore efficiency in sluggish septic tanks, unclog drain field, and improve final discharge.

Most people forget about their septic tank until it is time for a pump out. When excess solids build up in a septic tank it is time for a pump out, however, it can be difficult to know exactly how often your septic tank needs to be pumped. Using Septic Medic can reduce the frequency of pump outs and reduce odours. Septic Medic repopulates your system with safe, natural bacteria that digest sludge at a maximum rate, restoring any septic tank to peak efficiency.

An ideal septic tank would purify the waste effectively, send clean water to your drain field, require minimum pumping, and would not stink. Unlike other septic additives, Septic Medic has a neutral odour, that is not offensive when stored or applied. The safe, waste-digesting bacteria consume all household wastes, plus Bio-nutrients and activators aid maximum waste digestion, along with Bio-active catalysts that actually prevent sulfide formation.

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Start Smart for fresh and salt water is a specialty product designed to instantly cycle an aquarium. 

StartSmart Complete is  a concentrate that contains all the bacteria you need for a new tank set up or existing tank set up (instant cycling). One dose will remove toxic ammonia and nitrite quickly and safely.  Once you have completed tank set up, switch to maintenance doses with StartSmart Complete, or with Aquarium Optimizer.

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PondPerfect is designed for smaller garden and decorative ponds (180 litres, up to ¼ acre). PondPerfect is a live, 100% non-toxic and natural biological clarifier (quart and gallon sizes available for purchase on this site). PondPerfect destroys bad odor in smaller ponds and eliminates lake and pond sludge in smaller systems.

Pour liquid PondPerfect along the perimeter of the pond and the all-natural bacteria will instantly get to work improving the look and smell of your pond.

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A clear aquarium that is free of sludge, excess scum, and turbidity is a healthy aquarium. Excess feeding, bottom sludge, and high nutrients contribute to dirty water. Your fish thrive best in a clear aquarium, free of pollutants and excess muck. Using StartSmart Complete weekly is a way to maintain a clear aquarium and healthy aquatic life.

StartSmart Complete (freshwater and saltwater versions) contains nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria that eliminate ammonia and nitrite from your aquarium, while also sequestering Phosphate. Maintenance dosing also lowers nitrate buildup.




'LifeStyle' Shop & Vanutu KPS are proud to be the Vanuatu agent and distributor for Eco Solutions NZ

Eco Solutions import and manufacture beneficial bacteria technology from USA designed to reduce  sludge build up and hydrogen sulfide odour in septic tanks, ponds, aquariums and fountains.

Over the last 20 years they have been supplying our products to residential properties and commercial businesses and we are proud to be part of the non chemical, environmentally friendly solutions for water treatment. 

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