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Do you need help with speargun length choice?

Speargun lengths are determined by the barrel length of the speargun. This means the over all length of a speargun is much longer than the advertised length. For example a 110cm speargun is over 165cm long once the shaft is engaged into the handle. Choosing a speargun that is too long for your spearfishing conditions could make it difficult to use, choosing a speargun too short could limit the range. We hope our guide helps you select the appropriate length, otherwise contact us for more help and we would be happy to make a recommendation


Low 1-3m We recommend 50cm-70cm

Average 3-10m We recommend 80-110cm

Good 10-20m We recommend 110-120cm

Blue water 20-30m 130cm

A Mixture We recommend 100-110cm


Very Small fish, close range 50cm-80cm Average fish around 5kg 80-100cm Medium to large fish 5kg-25kg 100cm-120cm Game fish and tropical species 25kg+ 130cm A Mixture 100-110cm

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