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Aegis Handcleaner Xtra is a safe, waterless cleaner that can be used in situations where suitable facilities are not available.



Aegis Handcleaner Xtra readily removes printer inks, grease, oil, paint, bitumen, tar, grime and generally dirt of any kind.  It is recommended in industry, workshop, office, farm and home.  It has been approved for use in non food areas by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF).  It is high solvency type cleaner with power to remove stubborn materials, coupled with protective formula to ensure that it is gentle on the hands.




Rub hands with small amount of Handcleaner Xtra.  Wipe with paper towel or cloth.  No water is needed to remove dissolved grease and grim for hands.  However, we do recommend that wherever possible, hands be rinsed with water.



Aegis Handcleaner Xtra contains 0.1% Chloroxyenol as an antiseptic to reduce the risk of irritation, infection or contact with dermatitis.  It also contains hydrocarbons, solvent with a proportion of aromatics, surfactants, emulsifiers, water and skin conditioning agents.



Handcleaner Xtra should be stored in a cool place with the lid replaced when not in use.

Aegis Handcleaner Xtra (With Pumice)

VT2,990 Regular Price
VT1,990Sale Price
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