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Love the beach but the thought of getting sand in your bits hold little appeal? Cue the Ultimate Beach Lounger… introducing the ‘BILLOW’!


The Billow is a ridiculously comfortable bit of kit and a super sweet spot to lay out on and catch some rays - this puppy gives instant chill!

Got a team? The Billow can support up to three people and quickly becomes a pop up sofa - grab a few mates with a couple of iced beers and watch the sunset with your feet in the sand - sweeeeeeet.


With its very own carry case, its easy to take the Billow with you wherever you go and don’t just use it at the beach- the Billow is perfect for use:

  • at concerts and festivals
  • poolside
  • camping
  • picnics
  • boating
  • BBQ’s
  • in front of the TV
  • have you ever managed a proper sleep in an airport transit lounge? NOW YOU CAN!!!


The Billow folds tidily away so fits neatly into suitcases and backpacks making travel a comfy experience no matter where you go. Just think! You’ll never have to fight for a sun lounger ever again! 


Jacoba recomends this  


Simply unfurl the Billow, open the entry of one of the two air chambers and make a pass through the air to fill it, repeat for the second air chamber. To seal, simply wrap up the open end like you would a beach towel and secure with the plastic clips - Voilà! You’re done!

Proceed to chill.



  • Unfolded: 200 x 90 cm
  • Folded: 35x 18  cm
  • Weight: 1.2kgs


*The Billow is buoyant on water but it is not a flotation device*


VT5,000 Regular Price
VT3,500Sale Price
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