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Using the latest US imports L2 five nuclear light bulb, continuous service life of 100,000 hours, cutting-edge high-tech; high brightness six-core L2 lamp life of up to 100,000 hours, for life.

Condenser system: smooth aluminum cup, vacuum cup plating smooth, reflective, high efficiency, the perfect spot, no black heart;

Appearance treatment: T6061 aviation aluminum alloy, all-metal shell CNC production process of high intensity, high weight; not afraid of wrestling, not afraid of pressure, durable;

Head with attack head design, Flashlight Flashlight with non-slip head magnetron stepless dimming; no one can look directly at the light, in order to achieve the effect of the cover of their enemies. Mountain climbing, camping, hiking and other outdoor sports tool of choice, usually at home can also be used for reading. Repair. Prevent power failures, etc. A multi-purpose.

BrightBuddy Dive Torch 100m - 1500 LMNs

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