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Pining for pies?
Pies are a classic Aussie food – delicious, satisfying and hearty. With our Deep Dish 4 Pie Maker, making your own pies has never been easier! Homemade pies taste amazingly fresh and can be filled with whatever you want, making them so much healthier than store bought pies.


Easy and quick
You’ll be enjoying pies for breakfast, lunch and dinner in no time! Simply use the reversible pastry cutter to cut the perfect base and top for your pies from sheets of puff pastry.

When the Ready light turns from red to green, the Pie Maker is ready to use. Just pop in the pastry and filling, and leave to bake. Baking time can be as short as 10 minutes!


Make pies and more!
With the Deep Dish Pie Maker you can make four pies at once – enough for the whole family! Fill the pies with whatever you like. Get creative with tasty filling combinations using meat, fish, vegetables, fruit and maybe even chocolate!

An easy way to fill your pies is to use last night’s leftovers. Spaghetti pies, curry pies, mexican pies – the opportunities are endless!

There are so many filling variations, you’ll never get sick of pies! But for when you want something different, the Pie Maker also makes tarts, quiches and cakes!


Recipes included!
To get you started we’ve included recipes for:

  • Chicken pot pies
  • Crispy tuna casserole pies
  • Spinach and feta pies
  • Bacon quiches
  • Pumpkin muffins
  • Apple pies
  • Peach pies
  • Pecan pies
  • Cupcakes
  • Homemade biscuits



  • 1400W power for tougher tasks.
  • Compact 0.2L capacity
  • Lets you use less oil for healthier cooking.



  • Base Diameter: 6.5cm
  • Crust Diameter: 11cm
  • Filling Volume: ~200ml
  • Body Material: Top: Stainless Steel + Bakelite Bottom: Bakelite Coating Plate: Aluminium
  • Cord Length: 66.5cm
  • Input Voltage: 220~240V
  • Power Consumption: 1400W

Deep Dish 4 Pie Maker

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