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Strength and performance you can count on

Faber Steel Dive Tank Cylinders are the ultimate in power and performance. Steel’s superior strength allows significantly thinner walls than aluminium tanks, meaning a smaller and lighter overall package with the same internal volume capacity. The cylinders are manufactured from steel plate to ensure a lighter weight with the right buoyancy. You can significantly reduce the lead you need to wear thanks to the extra negative buoyancy, making for a more comfortable dive. Gear up for the dive. Grab a Faber Steel Cylinder today.

Faber Steel Dive Tank Cylinder Features:

  • Manufactured from steel plate
  • Smaller and lighter compared to aluminium tanks
  • Superior strength
  • Extra negative buoyancy for a more comfortable dive
  • Volume capacity: 15L

Note: Cylinder tanks are sold empty and need to be filled at refilling stations. Cylinders are approved for filling with Nitrox to a maximum of 40% oxygen at 15 degree Celsius. Under no circumstances are these cylinders to be filled with a greater oxygen content.

Note: Valve sold separately.

Faber Steel Dive Tank Cylinder 15L

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