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Keep your catch fresh, cold and clean

Bring your favourite drinks to the fishing site ice cold or bring your catch home fresh, cold and clean. This Heavy Duty Chilly Bin is a large and durable companion to your fishing excursions. It features high thermal insulation to keep the temperature lower for longer, making it perfect for transportation of temperature sensitive products such as seafood, meat, drinks and most especially your prized catch. This bin is also strong enough to be used as an extra seat on the boat or a table. So if you need more storage, this large size chilly bin is the way to go!

Drainage hole with threaded bung
2 x Carrying Handles
Air-tight Rubber Seal
40mm Insulation
Keeps ice frozen for up to 5 days (without opening)
Exterior is made from food grade quality polyethylene.
UV resistant Internal Material.
Fully injected high density polyurethane (PU Foam) insulation foam.
The same PU Foam is also found in the lids of every one of the ice bins in this range.
All hinges are heat sealed.
Bins come with stainless steel latches


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