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Jarvis Walker Water Rat 6ft Telescope Combo


There’s nothing like travelling light. Fishing needn’t require a trailer and roof racks to get you and your kit out on the water to catch a big one. The Jarvis Walker Water Rat Telescopic fishing rod and reel combo are not only perfect for the traveller, they are also very accessibly priced so anybody can have one.

What’s more, they’ll fit in your average sized backpack.


While very inexpensive there is no compromise on quality, a great feel is matched by endurance and performance. Modern materials have changed the way we look at the telescopic retractable fishing rod. Gone are the days of stiff and dead telescopic rods. Modern versions including the Water Rat deliver plenty of feel, strength and power so you can fish aggressively and with confidence.


6 foot Spin (50cm retracted) Rivers, lakes and bays 9lb/198yds 5.5:1 2-5kg

Jarvis Walker Water Rat 6ft Telescope Combo

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