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Make delicious dehydrated snacks and free up space in your cupboards

  • Create delicious, healthy snacks
  • Dehydrate fruits, vegetables, herbs and more
  • LCD display with digital temperature control
  • Extend the shelf life of your favourite foods
  • Ventilator for even dehydration
  • Overheating protection function
  • Includes 5 durable plastic trays with mesh layer
  • Preserve food and create natural, healthy snacks with the Kogan Electric Food Dehydrator.


Why dehydration?
Dehydration removes moisture from food, allowing you to use the dried food at a later date. Unlike salting and smoking, dehydration adds no flavours. While canning only preserves 20–30% and freezing only keeps 40–60% of the food’s nutrition, dehydration can preserve up to 97% of the original nutrients when done properly.

Adjustable temperature setting
Easily adjust temperature settings on the LCD display to dehydrate a variety of different foods including fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs and more!

5 Durable layers
Featuring five layers made of durable, transparent plastic, a ventilator for even dehydration and mesh layer helping prevent smaller foods falling through the trays, you can create big batches of delicious snacks and evenly dehydrate multiple foods at once while easily tracking the progress.



  • 250W Power – Energy-efficient 250W power.
  • Digital Display – Easy to read digital display.
  • Temperature Control – Perfectly cooked meals every time.
  • Timer Function – Set and forget cooking for worry-free meals.
  • BPA Free – Manufactured without bisphenol A chemicals, making it a safe and healthy choice for you and your family.



  • Dimensions: 334 × 263.2 × 286­.6mm
  • Weight: 3.23kg
  • Material: Stainless Steel Housing
  • Operating Volume: 70dB ~ 85dB
  • Temperature Control Range: 40~70°C
  • Power Requirements: 250W, 230V~50Hz

Kogan: Electric Food Dehydrator

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