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This 150W 150mm Bench Grinder is the perfect power tool for a DIY handy person who has a variety of steel and cast iron grinding jobs to complete as well as sharpening of items from the home or shed such as chisels, knives and mower blades.


The Ozito Bench Grinder has been designed for grinding rough edges on a variety of steel and cast iron. Ideal for sharpening tools around the home such as drill bits, chisels, knives, scissors and lawn mower blades. Complementing any workshop it has 4 mounting holes for secure fitment to a work bench. The Bench Grinder comes fitted with a dust sealed switch that ensures the longevity of the tool. The eye shields and tools rests require some assembly.


  • Grinding Wheels
  • Adjustable Tool Rests and Safety Shield
  • Dust Seal Switch
  • Induction Motor
  • Bench Mounting Holes

Ozito 150W 150mm Bench Grinder

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