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Another variation of the NEW Pathos Sniper gun is the roller addition. Set up with Pathos new roller muzzle with the capability of having a standard 16mm loop accompanying the roller system.


This allows for extra power as well as a lesser power option for shooting smaller fish near rocks. Making this a very versatile rollergun not restricting you to one form of diving.

Attached to the barrel is a floater with three levelled hooks for adjusting the power on the roller as well as having three mini shark fins on the shaft. This allows for various power adjustments for different target species and water clarity. With the shape of this new barrel and having an enclosed track the whole roller system becomes very low profile as the muzzle holds the rubbers within the lines of the barrel. If you are after a top end roller gun you can’t go past this sleek set up.

Pathos ‘Sniper’ Rollergun - 125cm

SKU: Pathos Sniper Roller
VT89,990 Regular Price
VT85,000Sale Price
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