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Septic Medic is an all-natural, non-toxic blend of

beneficial bacteria designed to stop sulfide odours, digest sludge, reduce excess buildup, restore efficiency in sluggish septic tanks, unclog drain field, and improve final discharge.

Most people forget about their septic tank until it is time for a pump out. When excess solids build up in a septic tank it is time for a pump out, however, it can be difficult to know exactly how often your septic tank needs to be pumped. Using Septic Medic can reduce the frequency of pump outs and reduce odours. Septic Medic repopulates your system with safe, natural bacteria that digest sludge at a maximum rate, restoring any septic tank to peak efficiency.

An ideal septic tank would purify the waste effectively, send clean water to your drain field, require minimum pumping, and would not stink. Unlike other septic additives, Septic Medic has a neutral odour, that is not offensive when stored or applied. The safe, waste-digesting bacteria consume all household wastes, plus Bio-nutrients and activators aid maximum waste digestion, along with Bio-active catalysts that actually prevent sulfide formation.


SKU: spectic1L
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