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Kiwi (Green/Black)


A Super stable, full-sized double fishing kayak


The Viking Tempo 2 double answers the long-awaited call for a full-sized stable, roomy, fishing and expedition double kayak.

The extra length means more space for each person - and no paddle clashes when paddling,
*This is a common problem with kayaks under 4.3m (14 feet) - these require synchronized paddling

It features large front and rear wells for fish and dry bags etc.
The four waterproof 6" hatches have built-in solid containers for extra tackle and gear you need to keep dry.
These kayaks are super stable and have been designed with attaching motors in mind; the stern is extra buoyant to allow for extra motor and battery weight.

You will enjoy many happy hours in your Tempo 2 kayak – whether you are fishing, diving or on an expedition.

Tempo 2 - Specialized Double Kayak

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