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A super large and spacious tent, with 4 rooms including 3 separate bedrooms plus 1 central living area.


* Capacity: 6 persons+

* Total Weight: approximately 9.5kg +/-0.5kg

* Basic Dimension: 460cm (L) x 350cm (W) x 170cm (H)

* Size: 150cm(L) x 220cm(W) x140cm(H) for each Bedroom. (Three bedrooms)

* 160cm(L)x220cm(W)x170cm(H) for living room.

* Package Size: About 73cm x 23cm x 23cm with FREE carry bag.

* 2 Triangular Windows for each Bedroom

* Material: 210T polyester PU 3000MM (Main), 190T Polyester (White Part Inside)

* Support: Fiber Glass Poles 8.5mm

* Mosquito Screen

* Faster, lighter, and easier to use

* Colour: Blue & Orange


1 x 3 Bed Rooms Dome Tent
1 x Carry bag
18 x Stake
9 x Rope

Tent For 6P + Waterproof Brand New 3 Bed Rooms Dome

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