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If you are over watering, mowing and fertilising your lawn all the time, why not make the swap to a synthetic turf lawn? Our Artificial Grass Flooring is an attractive and maintenance-free alternative to real grass.

High Density, Evergreen & Nature, Long-lasting, Maintenance-free

Our artificial grass brings you convenience and ambience:
* Dense multipurpose grass brings comfortable foot feels
* Durable wearing with high aging resistance, small deformation
* Perfect lawn all the year round
* UV Stable
* No mowing and no irrigation, No pesticide and fertilizer required
* Money, time and labour-saving
* Easy to cut and install
* Easy to clean up, can use a vacuum cleaner
* Children and pets friendly
* Idea for domestic & commercial landscaping, backyard feature, rooftop gardens, swimming pool surrounds, balcony, kindergarten, stadium and so on.

* Ensure the backing fabric of artificial grass to be clean and dry before gluing
* Ambient temperature should be above 5 degrees before installing
* No high heels, spiked shoes and vehicles permitted on the artificial turf field surface

* Material: Polypropylene
* Pile height: 10mm
* Stitch Rate: 240/m
* Backing Glue: Synthetic Glue
* Size: 1x10m roll
* Color: Olive

TSB Living Artificial Grass Synthetic Turf Lawn 10Sqm Olive

SKU: PR1643
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