Sticky Johnson Surf Wax is a non toxic product which uses natural ingredients for superior traction. Our Deluxe surf wax has been scientifically engineered to provide a wax which is easy to apply, sticky, long lasting and super grippy!! Sticky Johnsons Deluxe Surf Wax is exported globally and is quickly becoming regarded as one of the best wax’s in the world! When the summer sun is out and the waves are calling get warm hard and sticky with Sticky Johnson. Have fun waxing your stick this summer season.



90 grams

Non toxic

Water temp: Tropical 24+C / 75+F

                    Warm 20 - 24c / 68-75F  

                    Cool 14°C - 19°C (58-68°F)

Made in New Zealand

Sticky Johnson Deluxe Surf Wax

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