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Wettie Entry Pro Speargun


The New Generation in WETTIE’s speargun range, made here in New Zealand. Two years in the making this is the most affordable speargun in the new range. It features the new Wettie Reef handle designed by us and made here in NZ. The Entry Pro is perfect for those looking to get into spearfishing. Don’t be fooled by the price, this is made with all high quality parts and will punch well above its price range. No other gun on the market competes with the Entry Pro at this price.



  • Wettie Reef Pro Handle, designed and MADE in NZ. The Only speargun handle produced here in NZ.
  • NZ made Railed, Anodised, Aluminium Barrel.
  • Wettie Viper Muzzle, designed and MADE in NZ
  • 16mm Rubber with external inserts
  • 6.5mm Harden Sprung steel Spear with stainless heavy duty flopper
  • Monofilament shooting line 180kg breaking strain.


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