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When it comes to Inflatable floats you cannot beat our Wahoo, Tuna or Beast float.


These are a heavy duty float built for tackling small to large game fish. On most inflatable floats the stress is put on small surface areas at either end of the float. This raises the risk of the tow points ripping clean off under pressure from a big fish. So we have spread the stress right along the bottom of the float by running a strip from one tow point to the other. This means it can with stand allot of pressure when fighting a big fish. There is a pouch attached to the bottom on the float to put a weight in to stabilize and keep it up right with a flag mounted in. These float can be pumped up to Maximum 30 PSI but recommended between 20 and 25 PSI.


Note: Do not leave in the sun if pumped to 30 PSI as it could damage the float.

It is easy to inflate and deflate with a tyre valve. When deflating you simply remove the valve. Once empty they fold away making them ideal for travelling and stowing away in the boat to not take up much room. If targeting large game fish e.g. Marlin, Big tuna it is a good Idea to be set up with a two float system. This is where the Wahoo or Tuna float complements the Beast float as you can run your float line or bungee from your spear to the Beast float then another short line to a Wahoo or Tuna float. So if the Beast float gets towed down you have a back up float to put on more pressure to lower the risk of losing all your gear.


For quality and price this float cannot be beaten, it will perform to the same standard or better than other more expensive floats on the market. If you’re interested in tackling a big fish you cannot go past these floats.

WAHOO float: 20 Litres 
TUNA float: 30 Litres 
BEAST float: 40 Litres

Wettie Inflatable Float & Flag

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