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From this experience we have designed what we believe to be the best Float boat not only in NZ but globally. Nothing currently on the market offers what our new Wettie Mini Float Boat does.


  • First up it will not sink loaded with fish and water!
  • You can lie on it swim much faster than without it.
  • It has an easy to remove cover to completely clean it properly after use, no more smelly surprises on your next dive.
  • Being low and flat, it is very hard to roll over.
  • It has 2 handles for ease of carrying, holding onto while it the water and also for attaching spare items to.
  • You can flush water through your Wettie Float Boat to keep your fish cool during your dive.
  • Its white cover will reflect not absorb the harsh heat from the sun like dark colours do.
  • It is designed to stand on its end and be tied flat against a wall in your boat, minimizing space taken.
  • This size is suitable for smaller catches, it could fit a big snapper, a few butterfish, a few blue cod or moki
  • It is great for crays, paua, scallops and anything else you gather.
  • If you want to take your kids or a friend snorkelling, they can clamber on top if they get tired and take a rest, you can tow them on top of it if necessary.
  • Use the handles to wind your float line around from end to end after use.
  • It will tow much easier than a float with fish or bags attached.
  • You can lie on it to surf in after a beach dive.


Float boats comes with canvas cover, built in pouch & flag

External measurements for the mini boat at widest points are 79cm long, 52cm wide, 13cm deep, 4kg Weight
Internal measurements 55cm long, 40.5cm widest point, 24cm narrowest point, 10.5cm deep


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